Netgear Firmware Update
Name : Netgear Firmware Update

Netgear Router Firmware Update

Netgear Firmware Update is a process trough which you can do many things. Like: you can control the administrative features, routing protocols, and security functions and lot more. You always have to ensure that Netgear Router Firmware updates is up-to-date, it will keep your router in order to work properly. If your Netgear Router Firmware is not updating. Then you may experience issues when connecting to the internet or trying to connect with any smart device. Three most effective options of how you can upgrade your Netgear router firmware are:

  1. Through Netgear Genie Application
  2. Web Interface Of Netgear Router
  3. From the Netgear Download Center (Manually)

All three methods are briefly described below:

Netgear Firmware Update Through Netgear Genie Application

Update the firmware of your Netgear Router by following the instructions:

  • Download and launch the Netgear Genie Application on your device
  • Then go to the Router settings
  • Enter the username and password when prompted
  • After that, go to the section of Netgear Router Update
  • To see whether a new firmware update is available or not, click on the Next Button
  • Then, to start the Netgear firmware update process, click on the Yes button.

Once firmware update is complete, you will be seeing the Genie setting page. You can check here the updated version of your Netgear Router Firmware. If you found any difficulty, you can call our knowledgeable technicians at toll-free number 8049998779

Through Web Interface

Netgear release Router Firmware Updates on regular basis to enhance product performance and improve security, and add new features. When you go to the web interface, at the top of the dashboard you can see a message stating that new firmware is available. To check if new firmware is available and to update your router you need to click on that message. Follow the steps to Update the Router Firmware through the admin Web user Interface:

  • First of all grab any device that works on internet such as computer, laptop, tablet, iphone, ipad etc.
  • Second, launch a web browser in the device
  • In the web browser access the URL http // www routerlogin net
  • You will see a Netgear Router Login window on your screen
  • Enter your default username and password, if you haven’t changed otherwise enter the current username and password.
  • In case you forgot your username and password, you can get help from our technicians to recover the password.
  • After successfully logging in click on the Administration option.
  • Then click on the Firmware update button
  • The router will search for new firmware
  • Tap Yes, If a new firmware is available

Do not interrupt the update to avoid the risk of corrupting the firmware, Let the router update its firmware properly. In the meantime, you must not click a link, load a new page, or do not close the browser. Do not turn off the router while its updating firmware. Your router might restart multiple times after and in-between firmware update. But if you get *Netgear router firmware update failed* error, call for help from our highly-experienced technician at toll-free 8049998779

From the Download Center (Manually)

You can also update the firmware for your Netgear router from the download center manually. follow the given instructions to update:

  • Get the latest version of your Netgear router firmware from the Download center.
  • Look for the firmware by entering the Model number of your router
  • Now, connect your PC to the router through the ethernet cable
  • Using IP go to the default router admin interface
  • Tap on the Netgear Firmware Update option and after that click on the Upload button.

Your router will reboot itself after the firmware is uploaded. But until you must not interrupt the process as it might cause corruption or make your router unusable.

What to do if there is no internet after the Netgear Firmware Update?

Having no internet access after updating the Netgear Router Firmware is the most common issue nowadays. You may face this issue even after resetting the router or replacing the ethernet cable, even rebooting the router and modem around a dozen times will not affect it, No internet access error will be still here. In this case, You can try going through some troubleshooting mentioned below:

First of all, when you use the wireless connection between the router and mobile or taplet for Netgear firmware update. Mostly, you will get to know that your firmware is corrupted. So, we recommend to always connect the router to your computer directly using an ethernet cable. Also, make sure you connect the ethernet cable correctly.

Secondly, If you update the wrong firmware. Then you may be inviting more troubles. As, it will get you Netgear router firmware update failed error. It can happen in two scenarios: first if you have missed an intermediate step and second if you have updated the firmware of a different router model. An explanation for an intermediate step can be: Let’s suppose that your current version of router firmware is 1.0 and you update it to 1.2 version. And there is any 1.1 version that is skipped. Firstly check whether there is any 1.1 version of the update is released by Netgear. Now, if there is any such version is available then update your router to the 1.1 version and after that to the 1.2 version.

There are other trouble shooting steps as well that our technicians can help you with.